Top 11 High Level Online Jobs That Could Change Your Life

By John W. Gitahi

If you have been following me,I recently talked about some top 10 online jobs that could change your life.

But there are some other hidden gems. These are the master sellers. The sort of jobs you get one contract and your life is never the same again.

Some of these prestigious online jobs are demanding and need buckets of patience ,hardwork, sweat and sheer determination especially if you are a newcomers.

Need motivation? These jobs pay absolutely well and the wait will well be worth it!

For example, SEO Experts on UpWork are charging as much as $65.00 per hour.

  1. SEO Expert

This is absolute gold. Website owners are desperate for you. If you can help my site become the darling of search engines, I will pay you top dollar! Yes. The rate for the coveted page 1 ranking in SERPs is well and truly on.

That is your brief if you are a search engine optimization(SEO) expert. Millions of websites are created by entrepreneurs every year. Many remain hidden from Google. They are like hidden candles. Can’t help the owners. Their destiny? Left to die a natural death leaving behind grieving frustrated owners.

Enter you- the SEO expert. You take the site, tweak its structure, its links and engage in on-page and off-page tactics to make it search engines friendly. The site shoots up the SERPs and soon, the traffic is 100% more. Owners can make sales and smile all the way to the bank. You get your bucks. Its really that simple. Client wins, you win!

Can I become a SEO expert? I ask why can’t you? Simply invest in the right training, implement what you learn in your site(preferably) and off you go.

  1. Penetration Tester

Cyber security is a big pain for businesses today. Companies are looking for tech guys to test their IT systems for vulnerability. You have a background probably in tech to succeed here.

I have seen companies willing to pay very good rates just to run your testing tools through their  networks. If you reach the expert level, you will command top dollar.

What’s more? There are not many testers around. Right? Take a course in Penetration testing, build your experience and start bidding for jobs.  Why not?

  1. Animation Expert

Can you give life to objects? Cartoons, drawings, caricatures or whatever? If yes, marketers are looking for you.

Online marketing has moved a notch higher. Visuals and videos are now the most influential selling tools. Everyone is rushing to create that next big animation series or explainer video. And you know what? The tools to help you are found right here-online!

Take the big jump, Learn, start small and then scale. See whether you will be the top ranked animation expert on UpWork in a few years’ time.

If not satisfied with Upwork, head over to Fiverr. Whiteboard animation sellers there will have more orders than they can handle. And the fees charged is awesome.

  1. Machine Learning and Data Analysis

Your work is to give meaning to numbers. Today’s business decisions are driven by numbers. The company hands to you some very raw- read meaningless facts. You take them through some software and generate essential reports supported by visuals.

Machine learning involves building expansive predictive algorithms that can accurately predict the future given some current data.

You mine data using software such as Python and R-programming to extract that very fine detail the client is looking for.

  1. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the next big thing in marketing. And it’s no longer a secret. Clients are going full throttle to establish a worthy following in Instagram.

You will create and execute a strategy to help the company achieve its marketing objectives on the platform. I do not believe you need anything special.  Just be creative and use your instagram skills to win jobs.

It could be even better if you have some success stories. If not, why not start by offering a free service to a prospect in exchange of a positive recommendation in your online profile?

Instagram has moved from just a social site you post your lazy photos in to a money spinner. Did you know that Beyonce earns as much as $1M from a single instagram post?

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expert

AI is slowly creeping into our lives. More business processes are being automated daily via AI. We have bots answering online queries and even driving searches. Many organizations are harnessing computing systems to build intelligent decision support systems that can run a multinational.

Do not be surprised if I have used some AI tools to correct parts of this article.

Can your crack AI development? Can you work with AI software’s in project management and identifying and fixing bugs in systems? Then, prepare for greatness.

There is a serious dearth of AI professionals and the World is hunting for you!

  1. Rapid Prototyping

If you can develop a working model of an idea within a very short deadline, then you are the perfect fit for companies. You will make use of advanced technologies such as 3D printing.

Your prototyping skills enables the company to build products faster and reduce the sales cycle. That’s why you attract  excellent rates.

Delve now into the innovation world and learn how 3D printing works. Plus, take note of anything else you might stumble upon.

  1. Accountant (CPA)

More and more Americans prefer to hire a CPA to file tax returns and do their financials online. If you have some background in finance, you got to go for this.

Talk to prospects and convince them to hire you. Remind them of both your offline and online experience.

Offer added services such as budgeting, cash flow analysis or investment analysis to secure a start.

  1. Marketing Automation

Marketing remains the biggest headache for businesses! With internet, the question is how we can create a smooth sales funnel and have it run automatically. From email collection, social media engagement to eventual purchase, clients should play hands off.

Do you have experience creating automated selling systems? This is your line if you can use AweberMailChimpHootsuite and related tools. Clients await you!

Offer extras such as brand building strategy and brand awareness campaigns and win big!

  1. Programming

I know coding is not everyone. That’s where you come in. The market for developers has never been this big.

More businesses want to get a piece of the internet pie and continue to need custom applications to best capture a market.

If you are proficient in programming languages such as Python, Ruby on Rails and PHP you will soon find yourself overwhelmed with work.


As you can see above, Python experts currently command as much as $250/hr on UpWork.

You can work on freelancing sites or work for companies remotely. And remember it’s never too late- you can even start by learning coding here! 

  1. BitCoin and Cryptocurrency Expert

In the era of virtual currency, can you guide clients? Would you share advice through articles or as a consultant?Or can you develop Blockchain systems? If so, again the demand is there. And is expanding as more people venture into digital cash.


Newcomers are interested in knowing how to buy bitcoins, wallets, brokers and storage while veterans are much interested in trends and how to leverage on cryptocurrency. There is unlimited work if you could offer actionable advise.


All you need is to roll up your sleeves and make that dash for the front door. Jack it open and voila! There lies your bitcoins!

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