Online tutoring jobs for high schoolers- find a job here brings you the best online tutoring jobs for high schoolers and how to get started.


For long, online tutoring was reserved for degree holders and college professors.

But a lot has changed and now even highschool students can teach elementary students and their peers in their favorite subjects and make some extra cash.

Below we introduce the best online tutoring jobs for highschool students plus how to find jobs.

Online tutoring jobs for high schoolers – where to get tutoring jobs for highschool students

Check the following websites if you are a high school student and the idea of being an online tutor fascinates your mind.

Keep in mind that while the requirements may be different, all these sites hire high school students and are always looking for fresh talent.

More importantly, these sites are 100% legit.



Although English is one of the most commonly spoken languages worldwide, a lot of people still find it hard to master it and cannot express their ideas clearly and concisely.

As a result, they miss out on opportunities such as a promotion at work.

Samespeak has seen the gap and has been offering English classes to adults and junior students.

As such, the company is continuously hiring tutors including high school students to teach learners how to speak English fluently and confidently.

Samespeak pays $10 for a 30 minutes session.

Requirements to qualify for online tutoring for high school students at samespeak

To join samespeak, English must be your first language and you must be at least 16-years old.

Note that registration is absolutely free.

Are you a high school student boasting unmatched skills in math, social sciences, or any other subject?

If you’ve answered yes, has an incredible opportunity for you to share your knowledge with thousands of other students from diverse backgrounds. offers flexible tutoring jobs and their one-of-a-kind mentoring system will help you quickly learn the ropes.

How to start online tutoring at

To tutor from home at, you’ll need to create a tutor account (takes a few minutes) and wait for feedback from the team.



For years, cambly has been providing top-quality tutoring services to children and adults from countries where English is not a native language.


And the good thing is that cambly also hires high school students as English tutors.

How to become an English tutor while in high school at Cambly

To work with cambly you must be a native English speaker and prove that you can communicate well with other people with non native English accent.

High schoolers with these requirements are required to fill out a simple sign-up form at Cambly’s website and submit the completed form to their selection team.

Note that it’s important to follow all the instructions when applying to boost your chances of getting hired.

Apply here.


Knowledge Roundtable online tutoring jobs for high schoolers

Can you explain difficult subject matter effortlessly?

Do you have an innate passion for helping others become as good as you? Then Knowledge Roundtable wants you!

Like the rest, you’re allowed to work around your existing school schedule at Knowledge Roundtable.

What you need to qualify

You’ll not be asked for previous teaching experience or big papers.

In fact, all you need to land a job here is a passion to advance knowledge.

Go here to apply.


TutorDoctor (high school students tutoring elementary students)

Another option when it comes to online tutoring jobs for highschool students is

Here you’re recruited to mainly teach elementary students STEM subjects, Humanities, and English language remotely.


What you need to qualify for elementary tutoring online at TutorDoctor

Again you’re not required to have taught previously- good grades and enthusiasm for teaching will suffice.

Fill the application for online elementary tutoring jobs at TutorDoctor here.


Upwork Teaching Jobs for high schoolers

While your compensation may not great, there are tons of freelancing tutoring jobs you can apply for at Upwork, arguably the World’s biggest remote work website.

Jobs are posted by different clients including private individuals and education agencies with a significant proportion open to high schoolers.

In most cases, you’ll need to be a native speaker to be eligible for ESL freelance tutoring positions while employers need specific grades for Upwork Maths jobs.

How to apply

Simply head over to Upwork and create a Tutor account (it’s free).

Then, wait for suitable jobs to be posted and apply.


Fiverr Online Tutoring Jobs for High Schoolers

Fiverr can be an excellent alternative to Upwork for high school students.

That’s because students come from across the planet to learn and get mentorship at Fiverr and you can occasionally stumble on well-paying learners.

How it works

Here you create a gig advertising your tutoring services and wait for interested learners to hire you.

You’re likely to be hired pretty fast if you make your gig more compelling.

Check these sample gigs for inspiration.


Tutor Care – Online tutoring jobs for 13 year olds

Tutor Care is one of the perfect online tutoring sites for 13+ year old high school students looking to make money whilst tackling full course loads on the side.

The site provides everything you require to find learners to tutor, plan tutoring sessions, and get paid.

You’ll even be taught ways to become a better tutor to help you earn more!

Minimum requirements to qualify for tutoring jobs for high school students at TutorCare

The recruitment criterion is not tough but you’ll obviously need to have good grades in the subjects you have set your heart on.

Apply here. – Online tutoring jobs for 15 year olds (hires from 13 years)

Getstudyroom is also worth checking if you’re at least 13 years and have a tutoring talent that you wish to exploit.

Once you join, you will enjoy the unique opportunity to share notes and link up with different study groups for peer to peer tutoring.

How it works

As a tutor, Get Study Room will set up tutoring sessions whenever students book virtual classes for your specific topics and send you a notification.

Of course, you set hours that fit your schooling program.

Check them out here.


Care com math tutoring jobs

If you’re again at least 15-years old and good in maths, you can make spare cash tutoring calculus, algebra, and other math topics to others online at

I must add that there are other available subjects including online history tutoring jobs for high school students here so you should pick what you excel in.

How to apply

Sign up at and get started.


Online tutoring jobs for high schoolers –Other websites with interesting opportunities

There are a couple of other sites that accept high school students as tutors and could help unlock your tutoring potential if you have peerless mastery of any subject(s).

Here are their names and a link to their websites

  • Cultran tutors – visit them here.
  • Aim For A Tutoring– check them here.
  • Superprof (create a tutor ad and share your passion with learners)- Become a Superprof here.


Wrapping up our Online tutoring jobs for highschool students guide

Choosing the right subject is the key to a successful tutoring job for any high school student who has a thing about teaching.


It is also advisable to start tutoring kids at lower levels and move up as you gain more experience and advance in your education.


Finally, always apply with different tutoring companies to increase your chances of being hired for online tutoring jobs for high schoolers



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