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Learn how to become a certified transcriptionist and stand out…

In some cases (including medical transcription), companies that hire transcriptionists require a transcription certification before they hire you.

The good news is that getting a general transcription certification online is not that difficult and you can even get your certificate within a few days.

In addition, some of the best transcription courses are not that expensive compared to other popular courses such as SEO training.

In fact, it’s possible to get your transcription certification free if you know where to look (keep reading for clues on where to attend free transcription classes online).

In this article, we have explained how to become a certified transcriptionist and stand out from the crowd.

How to become a Certified Transcriptionist- courses and guidelines

The first thing to know is that you need to undergo training.

So, what type of training will help you become a hotshot transcriber?

Well, the best type of training usually depends on the transcription skills you intend to acquire or polish.

And this is largely determined by whether you intend to work as a general or specialized transcriptionist.

Let’s differentiate the two categories of transcribers to give you a clear picture:

Categories of transcriptionists

1. General transcriptionists

The name tells it all: General transcriptionists tackle all transcription jobs under the sun.

They will work for courts of law, hospitals, small businesses, and anyone else who needs transcription services.

Here is something to think about: As a newbie in transcription, we highly recommend that you start as a general transcriptionist and specialize later after getting some experience and a sizable number of clients.

2. Specialized transcriptionists

This class of transcriptionists only works in specific fields and do not mix jobs.

For instance, as a business transcriptionist, you can’t accept jobs related to health. Likewise, you’ll never find a medical transcriber applying for court transcription jobs.

In essence, these transcriptionists are highly trained and have loads of experience gained from spending years mastering specific skill sets.

With that out of the way, let’s come to the meat of our post: How to become a certified transcriptionist (general/specialized- for those with experience but needs a certificate)

How to become a Certified Transcriptionist-requirements

There are no stringent requirements to be accepted to courses offering transcriptionist qualifications.

However, you must have an excellent understanding of the English language and grammar in most cases.

Indeed, some of the providers of transcription job training require that you take an English test (if you’re not a native English speaker) before being joining their certified transcriber course.

Perhaps the other key skill- though not really a requirement- is a great typing speed.

Here now are the best transcription courses that are certain to make you an outstanding subscriber:


Training as a certified transcriptionist- best transcription courses online

The best professional online transcription courses are mostly offered by associations, transcription firms, and educational firms.

Here are our most recommended courses:

1. Transcription Skills -Learn beginning to Advanced Skills (for those seeking to enhance their skills)

This is a comprehensive course offered by Udemy and is suitable for those already earning from entry-level transcription jobs.

It will help you advance your skills and become a professional transcriptionist.

Here you will learn exciting tips on transcribing faster and writing impressive transcripts.

Learn more

2. Transcription Certification

This is a very helpful online course delivered by the Transcription Certification Institute.

The course takes between 21 to 90 days and you can start learning as soon as you register.

You will be provided with quizzes and other study materials that will help you learn at your own pace and prepare for the certification exam.

Preview the course

3. General Transcription: Theory & Practice

This online transcription course is taught online by Transcribe Anywhere and has been designed to help you learn everything you need about transcription from a single platform.

In this course, you will learn how to do more work and earn more.

What we love most is that the course has a free mini-course to help you decide if transcription is for you.

Enroll for the FREE MINI-COURSE now


Associations offering certifications to specialized transcriptionists

Do you want to start a career as a specialized transcriptionist? If so, you can check associations that accredit specialized training for transcriptionists.

Find them below:

1. Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)- medical transcription training

AHDI administers a couple of medical transcription examinations that are widely recognized.

If you are interested in taking up health transcription jobs, enroll in any AHDI-approved training provider.

Find the latest list of AHDI-approved medical transcription programs here.


2. National Court Reporters Association (NCRA)

This association offers additional training to those interested in handling court reports.

Learn more


Companies offering specialized transcription training

The other option when it comes to specialized training is renowned transcription companies.

Here are our suggested options:

1.     Legal Transcription Training by Transcribe Anywhere

If you’re after top-notch legal transcription skills, start with the free legal transcription mini course from Transcribe Anywhere.

2.     Meditec Medical Transcription Training Course

Meditec has been in the business for more than 27 years and has helped helping hundreds of freelancers become successful medical transcribers.

Explore Meditec medical transcription programs


How to become a transcriptionist for free – free general transcription training

If you’re short of funds, try to enroll for these courses.

They may not be as great as some of the premium courses above but they will give you the basic skills needed by transcription companies:

1.     How to Transcribe and Excel in General Transcription-Udemy

This detailed general transcription course is great both for beginners and experienced transcribers who want to add a certification on their resume.

It’s a fantastic course and Students who pass the exams via the Transcription Certification Institute (TCI) website may have their internship arranged for free by TCI.

Join now.

2.  (Free Online Medical Transcription Course)

Join this course today and start you journey to a successful career as a medical transcriber right away!

The course is fairly detailed and it’s free (at the time of writing this article).

We, however, cannot confirm that the course comes with a certificate.

Final words

Now that you have all the information you need about how to become a certified transcriptionist, it’s time to get your career off the ground.

Overall, we recommend that you start with the Transcribe Anywhere FREE MINI-COURSE if you’re new to the trade to get a feel of what it takes.

Those looking to become medical transcribers can start with their legal transcription mini-course as well.

Be sure to register with companies such as, Quicktate, Scribie, Rev, and TranscribeMe for transcription jobs once you get the required skills.


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