About Us

We are a team of established online freelancers keen to share our knowledge with the rest of the World.

Indeed, we do everything that’s done online. From SEO, Content development, E-commerce, Web development, Digital Marketing, Explainer Videos, Animation, Internet Marketing….we are indeed a great mix of what’s makes the Web.

We opened FreelancingBuddy with 2 main goals:

  1. To get a platform through which we can be inspiring newcomers into Online Work and to offer a helping hand as they find their footing online.
  2. As a way of giving back, we hope to get into partnerships with like minded individuals and organizations to run free Make Money Online Skills development programs for newbies whenever possible.

While the site is maintained by one John, our jack-of-all trades man, the content comes from different authoritative sources and passes through a thorough editing process to ensure what gets published adds value to the growing legion of online freelancers.


Get in touch and lets discuss this further.

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