Make money with your cell phone texting [100% Legit ways]

I can bet my life that you have heard about various ways of making an extra coin from home and possibly even tested some of the methods..

What I can’t certainly tell is whether you have tried to make money with your cell phone texting…

Don’t mind if you haven’t..

Because today I will be teaching you how to make money with your cell phone texting..

In fact, you can generate some serious cash without investing a penny from your phone…

And the best bit is that some of the methods I will explain are applicable from anywhere across the Earth.


Well, here are some insanely actionable ways to make money with your cell phone texting that you can implement right now.

5 wonderful ways to make money with your cell phone texting


1.   Make money with your cell phone texting about your expertise and helping others

Every one of us has some expertise in one or more areas. You could be a guru in the kitchen, acting, YouTube, gardening, and more.

As such, you can make some extra bucks part-time by sharing your knowledge via text to people in need using apps such as Hummr and Fibler.

All you have to do is download the app and add your details as an expert.

Next, you’ll be answering queries from the community for a fee.

These apps are absolutely flexible and you can specify your texting rates (or phone call chats- there’s that option too).

Plus, there are no subscriptions or such cunning conditions.

Learn more about Hummr or Fibler.


2.   Make money with text based app ads


Most people think that making money from a phone is all about online surveys and research.

But in my experience, you can earn handsomely from your regular texts especially if you’re a chatting fanatic.

And it won’t cost you a thing..

Here you simply install a legit texting app that pays like IMGR.

You then Invite your buddies to Join IMGR (Go to Contacts >> All >> Invite)

That’s all..

You can now Start Chatting and Earning!!

And how do you earn?

You are credited with 1 point for every branded text you send and/or receive.

What else are you to do?

Well, nothing…

IMGR’s Branded Messaging Technology integrates beautiful brand emoji’s automatically within your chats so yours is just to chat.

Your points are accumulated monthly and you can redeem them for Paypal CA$H or Rewards such as iTunes and GooglePlay gift cards.

The good news is that there’s no withdrawal limits if you select PayPal so you can access your $$ at any time.

However, for rewards you have to accumulate at least $10 to lodge a claim.

Potential earnings

With IMGR, the more you chat, the more your pay take home.

Here is a tabulation of typical earnings with various points


Total number Of Points Per 30 days Rewards Value ($)
90 – 199 1.00 (Paypal)
200 – 299 2.00 (Paypal)
300 – 499 3.00 (Paypal)
500 – 699 4.00 (Paypal)
700 – 799 5.00 (Paypal)
800 – 999 6.00 (Paypal)
1000 – 1399 7.00 (Paypal)
1400 – 1799 8.00  (Paypal)
1800 – 1999 9.00  (Paypal)
2000 – 2499 10.00
2500 – 2999 12.00
3000 – 3499 15.00
3500 – 3999 17.00
4000 – 4999 20.00
5000 – 5999 25.00*
6000 – 6999 30.00*
7000 – 9999 35.00*
10,000 + 40.00*

Note that you can only earn over $20 after becoming a premium user.

And you will need to have totaled at least 2000 Points for six months consecutively to join premium (The app sends you an instant notification immediately you hit this threshold).

Overall, the maximum you can pocket per month with IMGR is $40, not a bad paycheck for just chatting.

Download IMGR now


3. Make money texting simple answers from your phone

Surely, you won’t get rich from this but what about someone paying you as much as $0.50 instantly for answering a random question?

For example, you can receive a question about cars or some phones.

Now, unless you’re a condemned slouch, this won’t take you more than 10 seconds and boom! you pocket $0.25 or $0.50 depending on your app settings.

And that’s pretty much about it…No hidden rules or cashout minimum!

The only negative is that questions are sometimes infrequent.

A quick one:

To maximize your pay, complete your profile fully.

The app will send you more precise questions translating to more money.

But you need to be quick since the companies sending your questions and offers set time limits and will close the askvert (questions are called askverts) as soon as they receive required responses.

Download 1Q now


4.   Earn money by receiving SMS

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I am super excited to introduce you to one of the best ways to earn doing absolutely nothing..

I am saying nothing since you are paid to receive an SMS…no reply, answers, or sharing required!

It can’t get better than this..

Well, I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of it but from the look of things, its working and seemingly pretty well for the majority.

So, how does it work?

You see, there are these texting apps that are owned by companies working with Telcos from around the planet..

Now, when these companies want to test technical stuff like SMS security and routing gateways, they need to use active cell phones.

And since nobody will agree to allow strangers to run trials on their phones for free, the Telcoms pay a certain amount to the company owning these types of apps.

The firm will then share this amount with you if you permit them to send texts to your phone.

Admittedly, it’s hard to live off this but you can nevertheless make about $0.05 per received text message.

And considering that you’re not required to do anything, you could pocket a couple of dollars particularly during the days when the platform is more active.

Here are my recommended platforms if you prefer this method:

  • McMoney (works in most countries)
  • MoneySMS (not available in the US & UK)

5.   Get paid to text flirt (pays handsomely)

Yeah, you can get paid to text flirt (even make a living from it) if you don’t mind it..

Bold promise? Definitely…

But it’s real.. you’ll get paid to message guys sensual stuff from your phone, tablet, or even home computer.

And with some flirts bringing in $30,000 – $40,000 a year, this is one of the best opportunities for ladies to make money with your cell phone texting.

Here’s how to make $1000 per month (or more) from flirting chats:

First, sign up on a get paid to chat app.

A smart starting point would be the renowned UK-based but globally accepted Chat Recruit service.

With them, you need to login for at least 10 hours per week (Level 1) and you will be earning a flat rate /minute of chat.

Pay per minute increases with engagement and is typically higher for late night chats.

Guys love delightful voices and the nicer your tone, the better your pay.

Additionally, always sound happy and treat ‘chatters’ like old friends and you’ll do extremely well.

Interestingly, some of them will chat you on random topics.

How much can you make?

The company will compensate you about 20 pence per text.

Alternative to Chat Recruit: Text121Chat

If you’re looking for other ‘adult’ ways to get paid to process text messages, you should consider Text121Chat, a platform where dozens of guys are waiting to spend cold hard cash on you..


Text121Chat is a massive phone sex-texting provider with plenty of options including “safe-texting” and non-explicit video services if you prefer more mild chats.

If you pass their screening, they will first train you to help you up your game and the standards to observe.

You will eventually make good cash personally and for the company.

As well as the job being flexible (you can set your own hours), the support team is always at hand to help.

Check out Text121Chat now


Make money with your cell phone texting: Recap

You’ve read about 5 legit ways you can make money with your cell phone texting techniques…

Now it’s your time to swing into action.

The first step?

Comparing them and settling on the method that suits you best.

Could be texting your expertise…

Or maybe you would rather try IMGR to get paid to send SMS.

Either way, you will get paid to process text messages.

Please leave your quick question/comment below.

We will be happy to interact further.


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