How to open a PayPal account-step by step

Today, I want to show you how to open a PayPal account-step by step and also answer several of your burning questions;

“How else can i be paid online?”

“Should I have a bank account?”

“What are the do’s & the don’ts regarding online payments?”

I will be tackling these plus many others so, tighten your seat-belt and let’s ride (and remember to implement).

First, there are several methods of receiving money online and one of the most popular is PayPal.

But why PayPal?

Here are a few reasons why people choose PayPal;

  • It’s Free!

Would you believe it?

Yep, you enjoy PayPal services without paying a dime! How many Payments mediums are free? Not many so no wonder it’s this popular.

  • Flexibility

PayPal allows you to set up multiple bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards to fund it so your PayPal purchases will always go through. So, you will never experience the embarrassment of being told your transaction has been declined because of insufficient funds.

It will recover the funds from your specified sources in the order you defined them.

  • Speed and convenience

By a single click of your mouse, PayPal users can transfer money to their partners and pals within a matter of seconds.

That is time saving, and of course very convenient.

  • Very few restrictions

Unless you violate their terms and conditions, you hardly have any restrictions to contend with when running your online businesses on payPal.

You will also see that opening a PayPal account requires just a valid email address- No ID, passports or other bothersome requirements.

  • Your credit card is secure

In this era, distributing your credit card details on websites online can seriously compromise your financial security.

In this regard, PayPal is a savior. Once you link your credit card to your PayPal account, you will never again have to reveal it.

You will simply be paying through your PayPal account which is essentially your email address

So folks, that’s why PayPal is that big!

Now, back to our payments methods;

There are Other payment methods including

Which I will cover later. For now, let’s dive into PayPal;


Most clients and content mills are comfortable paying through it. You should therefore create a PayPal account as soon as you decide to work online.

When registering, use your official email address for security reasons.

Here is a step-by-step guide;

Go here and click sign up

 how to open paypal

That takes you to this screen. Choose personal account then next

Fill in the details and create a strong password

Remember to click down there to change your country. The default is the U.S but you want to change it to Kenya (or your country as indicated by the various flags)

I click to change to Kenya

Soon, you find yourself here;

Confirm the email address again (by typing it again) as well as the password.


Then click next

Then next.

Now you will be expected to complete by filling up the remaining few details

You see you have to repeat the details including your address details (Po. Box or Physical details), ID Number, Telephone Number (Use an address you are comfortable with- for my case, I borrowed my friends since I usually receive communications through it.

Now, at this point you need to link to your credit card (if you have) or debit card (Your ATM card if you like- If you don’t have, talk to your bank and they will readily issue you with one)

You do two things here;

First, you will confirm your email address:

So, head over to your Gmail (or your yahoo or your other email provider) and log in. You should find an email from PayPal.

how to open a paypal account

Click confirm email address. You will be taken back to


Enter your PayPal password then click confirm Email Address to login. You will find yourself here.


Secondly, link your Credit/ Debit card(just click the option).

Enter the relevant information as it is from your ATM card/credit card-the card number, expiry date then CVV code(the 3 digits found on the back of your card) and click save


Now you can proceed to link to your CREDIT CARD if you have any (optional). Just click the CREDIT card option and enter your card information. The steps are similar to the previous.


You may also link your bank account. Only do this if you have a US domiciled bank account.

Since I do not have a US registered banker, I will leave it at that.


Head again to your e-mail account and find another Email from PayPal confirming that you have indeed added your CARD.

Note that since I wanted everything simple, I just added my ATM card.

Finally, VERIFY your PayPal account.

Verifying your account minimizes the likelihood that your account maybe delimited(restricted) by PayPal when you transfer/receive a large amount of money and also adds credibility to your PayPal wallet.

To verify, you need to have at least 2 dollars in your account. PayPal will deduct around $2 from there but will then refund it after 24 hours- so verifying your account is essentially free.

Before proceeding, deposit the equivalent of $2 in your account (Ignore this step if your account has sufficient funds)

Then, log in to your account (if you had logged out), then click summary



You will be taken here. Click link and confirm your credit card.

Your account details comes next. You may re-read them to confirm and then click continue. Provided you had funds in your bank account, PayPal will charge $1.95 which will be refunded later.

You will see an email message to that effect.

Again, head over to your email account again and check for this email;

Now, keep checking your bank/credit card account statement for a 4 digit CODE from PAYPAL (you may wait for up to a week.

If you can access your bank account online, keep logging and checking. Otherwise, you may have to request for your bank statement or wait for end of the month statement- if you have subscribed for one- and then see if the code is there.

Once you get it, log in to PayPal your account and…

Click verify your card and Enter the code.

Now your money will be refunded in full and your bank account statement should reflect this transaction next time you request it.

Again, you will receive an email from PayPal to this effect so when you log in to your email account, you will get the confirmation email in your inbox.

Now, that’s How to open a PayPal account-step by step. You are good to go.



As your business grows, you might encounter clients who will request to pay via Payoneer.

And again, it doesn’t harm to have multiple payment options  for your clients’ convenience.

Here is how to register for Payoneer.

Go here

Complete the DETAILS then click Next

Now you will be here.

Complete the details again

Now it’s time to create a password and set a security question.

Now its time to enter your bank information.

Click HERE to check your bank code and branch details or call your bank to get it, then proceed to complete this section.

Don’t forget to AGREE to the terms and pricing/fees by checking the 2 boxes below there..

Then, head over to your email and find this email

Capture your USER NAME & Customer ID.

From there, you wait for review and confirmation from Payoneer. It will take up to 3 working days so be patient.

Note that Payoneer takes your Account security seriously and Next time you log in, you might be required to set up further security questions. Please do.

You will receive a confirmation email after a few hours- If everything went well.

Your payoneer card will also eventually be mailed through the postal address you provided so you will be checking your mail box.

Read a breakdown of various Payoneer charges here.

Remember to occasionally log in to your Payoneer for any messages.


This is another online payment option. It has been gaining users slowly by slowly and you may find customers enquiring if you do accept it.

Read a comprehensive review of Skrill here.


Be sure to have a bank account in case someone wants to write you a Cheque. And don’t be scared when you meet people requesting to pay through the Bitcoin.

But its always better to Do your research before accepting any unknown payment modes.


Paypal is one of the most preferred payment methods online and in this post, we have seen how to open a PayPal account-step by step.

But PayPal alone may not be enough..if possible, add other payment modes like Payoneer, a bank account and Skrill- both for your clients convenience and also yourself.

Now, as usual, I would love to hear from you so tell me what you feel about this post in the comments section.

Till the next post, goodbye!

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