How To Maximize The Use Of Social Media For Your Online Business

There are about a staggering 3 billion people using social media globally. Considering that the total world population is an estimated 7.6 Billion, this loosely means 4 out of every 10 have a social media account.

Now, you and I know that marketing is a numbers game. And that if you can target such an audience well, your online business can finally get that much-needed boost.
Thing is, most people don’t know how to use social media to prop up their businesses.

Here are some wonderful tips to help you maximize on social media …

• Have Your Footprints Everywhere

I am in the online marketplace and I have been guilty of this: you create your business’s account on just one platform and wait for some money to flood in.
Yet, your clients are scattered everywhere.
For instance, according to this report, while Facebook is a favorite among US adults, younger users are on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

Take Away: If you want to profit fully, create footprints everywhere by having accounts on all leading platforms.

• Entertain Your Audience

Here is another one I regret: Mistaking my social networks followers to be robots!
You see, robots don’t own any credit cards. But somehow, you still treat your Facebook fans as bots. How? You constantly shove Ads down their throat believing, rather naively, that they’re there just to buy.
But 71% of social media followers are looking for a good laugh. And as reports, selling is easier after a hearty laugh.

Take Away: Sprinkle comical posts, Memes, and GIFs on your pages then sell later.

• Have A Smart Strategy

“If you don’t understand where you are headed, any road will take you there”- Lewis Caroll.
Now, you need to pose the hard questions: “Where am I going with this?”, “ How do I hit it?”, and “What is my long term game?”…and so on and so forth.
Friend, if you don’t have a social media strategy, you will often be fumbling in the dark with no way of telling whether it’s working or not.

Take Away: Even before everything else, develop crystal-clear social media goals and strategy. It’s the only you can measure success or failure as you roll out your plans.

Final Word

Social media is big and can be awesome for your business. But you need to think out of the box and do things the right way.
Creating prominent footprints all over, making your follows to laugh, and having smart goals are some of the actions that can help you maximize the use of social media for your online business.

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