Best live stream app to make money [10 paying apps]

We bring you the apps we have nominated for the best live stream app to make money if you want to make money streaming your hidden talents to the World!

Live streaming yourself is not only fun but also rewarding, that is if you have the right app installed.

Don’t worry if you’re using a non-paying app- you can always download and install one of the best live streaming apps to make money starting with your next live stream.

Here we bring you our nominees for the best live stream app to make money including Bigo Live, Twitch, and Facecast.

We also share invaluable tips about how to make money streaming online with these terrific live broadcasting apps.

Read on.

Best live stream app to make money – the apps you should consider based on our experiences and reviews so far

Sing, dance, or showcase your favorite moments and get paid while at it with these apps….

1.     Bigo live (installed over 100M times)

Does Bigo live pay you?

Short answer: Yes!

In fact, you could even earn a monthly salary if you achieve their set targets.

With Bigo live, you share your life, grow a fan base, receive massive gifts, and make money- there are gifts and coins to be earned with every view meaning more perks once you garner good viewership.

Getting paid from Bigo

This Singapore-based app allows users to gift you virtual goodies –they call them ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Beans’- that you can exchange for real money.

Try Bigo Live now


2.     Twitch- best live streaming apps for gaming

Twitch is one of our favorite apps for streaming games- here your stream your treasured MMORPG, strategy, and even FPS games for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch and get paid.

How to make money streaming on twitch

Your chances of making money on Twitch as a live streamer depend on how many people you get to watch your gaming prowess so it is important to focus on producing best-in-class entertainment from the start.

Now, you might get a recurring income from Twitch Subscriptions and we recommend that you keep encouraging your fans to subscribe (to your channel) which makes great content all the more important.

How does twitch pay you?

Twitch pays their partners and affiliates one cent per Bit – a form of virtual currency gamers “spend” on gamers’ subs- fans use on your channel.

Twitch split the money collected with you on a 50/50 basis though you can negotiate a better percentage if you attract more gamers.

The cash is typically sent via PayPal or Amazon Payments.

Try Twitch Now


3.     Facecast live online app – Best live stream app to make money while showing off your best style

With Facecast, you can strut your funky stuff or share your updates live 7*24 Hours and there is no level or follower number limits.

The app packs a lot of features to allow you to unleash your creativity including a hold-your-party live online option (switch to Facecast party mode) where you can broadcast parties and have everyone savor every moment.

How Facecast pays

Your followers comment, like, or gift you using their earned diamonds- we have ‘diamonds’ just like with Bigo Live- or other virtual items.

You can again convert your earnings to cash that you can withdraw for actual currency once it has exceeded the set value via your PayPal account.

Use this Facecast sign up shortcut to download and install Facecast live app


4.     StreamKar

StreamKar is also part of the select group of apps that pay you to stream.

It also offers impressive functionality, from live streaming of your life to real-time interactions, and more.

Keep in mind that the easiest way to attract viewers to your live videos is to promote your broadcasts on gigantic social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

How does StreamKar pays streamers?

Well, the app is quite different from Bigo Live – you, for example, earn ‘Beans’ and ‘Gems’ under StreamKar’s virtual currency.

Your gift revenue for the previous month is paid within the first five (5) working days of the following month.

Unfortunately, you cannot exchange the gifts for cash and you can only use your ‘pay’ to purchase services available on the platform.


5.     Live me app works pretty much like other social networks – you can follow people and other users can follow as well.

More importantly, your followers will be notified instantly whenever you start a live stream.

How to make money on live me

Each time you live stream something, you’ll receive gifts and coins from your impressed viewers so you should work hard to dazzle your audience.

You can convert your virtual items to real money when your balance exceeds certain amounts.

Download Live me app


6.     Uplive app

Uplive is another app that’s very close to the mainstream social media apps- you’re urged to follow other streamers and have them follow you back as the first step to building a good following.

Here you can share your extraordinary live streaming highlights on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and get more fans.

How to earn money from Uplive

If you’re passionate, this is one of the best paying live stream apps and you can make serious cash by broadcasting for more hours and flaunting the best of your talents.

You cash out your uCoins for actual money though you can only withdraw up to $100 daily.

Download Uplive


7.     MeMe Live

Our last nominee is MeMe Live, a famous live streaming app to make new friends and broadcast your talents.

From streaming your special moments to hosting live talks and even live streaming yourself as you eat big, there’s nothing you cannot broadcast here.

You need to go live daily for between 1 to 2 hours in this app so as to win more viewers.

How the app pays

You earn beans and points and you need to ask your viewers to send gifts, share your live stream, and even follow you back to make money with this app.

When you choose to cash out, all your accumulated beans will be converted to money and transferred to your registered PayPal account.

Download it now


How to make money from streaming music and the best live stream app to make money showing off your music talents

There are dozens of apps to help you show off your musical talents to a global audience from the palm of your hand.

As a bonus, most of these apps come with features that enable you to stay connected with your fans in a positive, creative way.

Here are our nominees for the best live stream app to make money from your natural music gift:

8.     MySongList

With MySongList app’s online streaming mode, you can accept requests for live performances and earn tips from the people watching your live stream.

You can also subscribe to their Performer Pro version for more features to excite your audience and get more live streaming gigs.

How MySongList Pays

Here you accept credit card or PayPal tips from your thrilled remote audience.

Try the app now


9.     Streamlabs app

With over 5M downloads, Streamlabs is certainly one of the best live stream apps to make money selling your music.

Three words summarize what Streamlabs is all about: Perform. Earn. Get paid (via PayPal or Stripe).

How Streamlabs Pays

As mentioned above, your money- it mostly comes from tips- is sent to your PayPal or Stripe account.

Download Streamlabs Live Streaming App here.


10.  YouNow

YouNow is a new way to sing on camera and get paid.

The app works in a super simple way- simply turn on the camera and sing.

Keep in mind that this is a versatile you can use the app to live stream pretty much everything else

Can you make money on YouNow?

You again rely on tips — and you can’t ask for them from viewers or even do anything that encourages tipping- so it really depends on how fast you become popular.

That said, those who have earned the partnership status on the platform pocket more.

Learn more


Wrapping it up

The above-mentioned apps will pay you to do what you love most whether you’re a dancer, singer, foodie, comedian, or just a talented personality who finds streaming electrifying and trendy.

Of course, you should first compare the rewards and what else each app offers before choosing your best live stream app to make money broadcasting yourself.

See you live!



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