How to make money online from online transcription

When talking about making money online, you have to talk about online transcription jobs. Right?

In-fact, transcription remains one of the best work from home jobs .

In this write up, I will cover all there is to know about working online as a transcriber so if you are one of those who have been asking me whether it’s possible to make money in online transcription jobs, then you are just about to get some very juicy guidelines on creating generating some side cash from this trending area.

Let’s start with knowing what transcription is:

Transcription is turning recordings of audios or videos or any spoken words into text.  If you use YouTube, you might have come across some hilarious videos which are accompanied with text narration.

The purpose of adding text to video is to help users to better follow the script – they can watch, listen or better still, follow the conversation through your text narrative.

online Transcription

So, you are given audios (I have to admit some of them are terrible) or videos by clients. You are then expected to listen into the conversation and put it into readable text format.

Online transcription jobs comes from freelancing sites such as transcribeme , Gotranscript , Rev, Castingwords or direct clients. Payment rate vary but they range from anything from $0.5 per transcribed minute to $5 per minute.

You will need to register with any of these sites, then invest in quality earphone or headset. Your typing speed need to be up there.

You obviously require a computer-laptop or desktop plus a reliable internet connection.

Here we go through each of the essentials:

It starts with a great typing speed: The faster you can type, the better!

The good news is that there are different sites from where you can practice and boost your typing speed.

These include typeracer and speedtyping.

Here are some awesome methods you can use to magically upgrade your typing speed

You will be ready to fly as soon you hit at least 65 words per minutes.

You grammar need to be inch-perfect

Also ensure that you grammar and punctuation skills are excellent. Take advantage f grammar checking tools like Grammarcheck, Grammarly, and Ginger


Some of the clients will give you very poor quality audio files. To help you understand all being said, Invest in top-class headphones.

Excuse me but most of those candy-striped headsets will be a pain in your neck.


You need transcription software like Express scribe, Dragon amongst others

Use Microsoft word processing to capture text, then save everything in Dropbox to avoid losing your work in case something happened to your computer.


You can have Wi-Fi installed in your house or buy daily data bundles then load them into your model line or even tether your phone.

If you go for bundles, you can switch off your connection as soon as you downloading pending files. You will the work on them offline before reconnecting it when ready for upload.

That’s save you money!

Whatever option you go for, make sure you have a reliable connection.

Table and chair

Get yourself a comfortable office table and chair. Remember you need to feel good and comfy to be productive.

Your room should also be well ventilated.

 Top online transcription jobs websites:

You have the option of signing up with one of the many online transcription companies.

You must take a simple, shot transcription test for you to be accepted to most of them.

They test your typing accuracy and your attention to detail before allowing you to access work.

They include:

  1. Transcribe hub

Transcribe Hub is not as cushy as others for example speechpad. It is friendly for starters.

It has different stages of transcribers, for example, bronze which is rated $18 per hour,silver rated $24 per hour and gold which is rated $30 per hour.

Transcription files range from one minute to three hours.

Payment is via and monthly. To apply click here

  1. Rev

It has a higher earning potential compared with the others. Files range from 30 seconds to around 3 hours. Payment is done every Monday via PayPal.

Read more about them here

To register, go to

  1. Transcribe me

This is another top site. Pays is roughly $20 per audio hour that is $0.33 per audio minute. This is one of the best sites but very strict.

The site works best in Google Chrome. Click here to see how it works

  1. Speech pad

The company pays at a rate of $0.25-$0.40/ audio minute when you are a newbie. It also has specific stages you’re to qualify through, normally called rush jobs and rated $0.25-$1.25 per audio minute.

The audios are great at around 80% clarity.

High ratings and speed qualify you for rush jobs. You are paid on Fridays via PayPal.

To register, go to

  1. Go transcript

This is rated very highly by most experienced transcribers. . They have favorable TAT and are always improving their site.

Payment is again done every Friday via PayPal.Register here

  1. Scribe.

This company pays between $10 – $20 per audio hour with the files being divided into segments of 6-minutes each.

To apply, go here

  1. Casting word

This is another newbie friendly site. They are the best when training to be a transcriber. Their rates are not that high but at least they are not so strict.

Visit them here

There also others.

  • Tigerfish

The company was formed in 1989. It requires you to use transcription software. It is not clear how much they pay.

  • Crowdsurf

It provides transcription work for the hearing impaired. They are required to transcribe video files.

Your earnings are directly deposited to your bank account. Read more about them here

Does transcription pay?

Generally, transcription pays well than most online jobs. Experts command higher hourly rates.

Overall, your earnings depend on the company you are working for, availability of work, your skills and speed.

There are freelancers who can make as much as $1000 per month while others barely make anything- your effort and commitment matters a lot.

Beginner-friendly companies do not pay well but I recommend you start with them before trying your luck with the big fish.

Frequent issues with transcription jobs

  • Poor quality files

Sometimes you can’t hear what’s being said in a file.  Some of the cleints use poor English while they expect you to produce grammatically correct files

  • Repetitive nature of the work.

You might find yourself listening to the same audio over and over again. If like me you don’t like to repeat stuff, this could make you hate the job

It is a freelance job so sometimes you find there is more work at odd hours- nighttime yet you still have kids to take care off, sleep and still deliver quality work on time. But overtime you get used

Why don’t you start it today?

Working at home is great if you like flexibility and freedom. I also like the fact that online jobs have unlimited earning potential.

You can choose to start your transcription journey today.

Like other freelancing jobs, transcribers need perseverance and patience. Remember to submit your before deadlines lest you lose money and get poor reviews.

Otherwise, if you want to start, get the essentials we highlighted previously and get going.

You might be surprised finding yourself doing very well on year down the line.

COMING SOON: Our online Transcription course.

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