How To Find Clients As A Freelancer

Online freelancing has some amazing benefits including freedom, unlimited earning potential, working close to your loved ones among others if you know how to find clients as a freelancer.

But for many remote workers, clients not that easy to get and are an enduring pain in the neck!

And to make matters worse, more people are joining the work from home bandwagon which means the scramble for clients is just about to get more vicious.

Nevertheless, if you know how to hack things, you can easily guarantee yourself a steady flow of employers.

Here are some essential tips to help you out get loyal clients and how to advertise your freelance business:

  • Blogging 

For every freelancer, having a website is a primary requirement to navigate smoothly through online business.

This is where you showcase your portfolio in an effort to impress potential clients while building your blogging skills.

You should ensure that your contact page is prominent to entice visitors to get in touch. You can also seek guest posting opportunities in leading

blogs to build followership which could result in more buyers for your services.


Remember to include a link back to your website in your guest posts.

how to find clients as a freelancer


Furthermore, you can use Social Engine Optimization to boost your website’s visibility.

  • Job boards 

Job boards are forums where prospective employers post seeking freelancers.  Ensure that you check boards such as Indeed, craiglist, and Glassdoor for jobs matching your skills.

Then pitch according to instructions laid out. If lucky, you can end up landing a lucrative gig.

It doesn’t matter your specialization… you will find graphic design jobs, freelance writing gigs, social media marketing opportunities, animation tasks….name it.

  • Bidding Sites

Bidding site like Upwork offers a vast opportunity for freelancers. If you know how to craft winning pitches, then you have an awesome chance to win over bigwig clients.

Having a huge portfolio will enhance your chances of beating the competition to the posted jobs.

In some cases, the buyers from these sites offer well-paying long-term contracts. And if you exceed expectations, the customers are happy to recommend your services to their friends.

  • Cold Pitching to get best freelance clients

I was watching Google the other day and was surprised at the kind of questions fellow freelancers ask in the search engine…

some ask how to get freelance writing clients, others how to get freelance clients graphic design while yet others query on how to get clients as a freelance web developer

how to find clients as a freelancer

Well, if you have honed your skills in your niche and you are looking for a greater income, it could be time to cold pitch.

Here you scour the internet looking for websites that could be interested in your services and email the owner or the decision makers.

By and large, this method help to attract the best paying direct clients.

  • Online Advertising

advertising your freelance business is also imperative. Basically, you brand yourself and position yourself as an authority in your niche by promoting informative posts targeted at a specific market.

You can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Another option for marketing your services is Google Adwords though some of the keywords are highly competitive and may cost more.

  • Networking with other Freelancers

Always remember that you are not the only one finding clients as a  freelancer. Connecting with others and share issues surrounding the internet working space could lead to a permanent friendship.

At some point, you can ask your newly found friends to share their workload if they are overwhelmed. Of course, the rates may not be that handsome but it could mark the start of a fantastic working relationship.

Join networking sites like Linkedin groups, Facebook groups, Twitter and Facebook pages and get ways of establishing lasting relationships.

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Finally word on how to find clients as a freelancer

The remote working industry can be rocky if you don’t know how to find clients for freelance work.

However, there are some time-proven client acquisition methods which have always worked for most freelancers.

Blogging, job boards, bidding sites, cold pitching, networking, and online advertising are some of the worthwhile tactics.

Done well, these, plus others, can generate a steady flow of highly profitable clients and bring more joy to your work from home gig.

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