Captioning jobs for Netflix -How and where to get hired

We tell you what you need to be considered for captioning jobs for Netflix and the sites you can be hired through..

Netflix is increasingly concentrating on winning the international markets and they mostly rely on work-from-home captioners to help localize their streaming content.

Now, Netflix has one of the highest closed captioning and subtitling standards so you need decent captioning experience and excellent skills if you’re targeting captioning jobs for Netflix.

That said, the company pays handsomely- it’s easy to make over $1000 per month consistently from Netflix captioning gigs alone- so it’s worth giving these jobs a shot.

Below we tell you where to look (including third party companies and agencies) if you’re searching for captioning jobs for Netflix and what you need to be considered.

Before we move on, note that Netflix only hires captioners for content they develop in-house – for other productions, they ask content owners to provide captions/subtitles.

Captioning jobs for Netflix- basic requirements

Of course, captioning is a highly specialized genre of transcription meaning that you need more than basic transcription skills to hack any captioning job.

Now, Netflix requires more so we recommend that you go for a captioning certification first, if you’ve yet to acquire one.

Okay, it’s not a must but it can be a huge plus particularly if you work with a good trainer- somebody who has worked on captioning jobs for Netflix because they’re familiar with the specific guidelines.

Most importantly, even the third party agencies that caption Netflix productions prefer freelancers with a solid in-depth understanding of captioning and subtitling for these jobs.

You’ll, therefore, have a bigger opportunity to be recruited if you have previously participated in similar film/TV shows captioning projects (or at least some basic video closed captioning experience).

Needless to say, the more languages you can handle, the better your chances.

Captioning jobs for Netflix- legit companies and sites that hire

The first place to look for these jobs is independent companies and websites.

We insist so first because a lot of independent producers who sell their film and TV content via Netflix also turn to these agencies for closed captioning services.

Secondly, these agencies will help your hone your skills to a super competitive level, making you ready to work for Netflix itself (They do hire directly on occasions).

Here are now are the sites/companies to check out for Captioning jobs for Netflix:

Tip: You will need to prepare well before applying since most of these companies will test you before being accepted.

1. is one of the big boys when it comes to translation, transcription, and captioning gigs and one of the sites that occasionally list these high-paying jobs (From what we’ve gathered).

Payment is made weekly via PayPal.

How to join

Sign up here (’s sign up process takes less than 1 hour) to stand a chance.

2.     Capital captions

Because of their fast turnaround times, Capital captions is trusted by many professionals who distribute their content via Netflix and is another great site to look for Netflix work from home captioning jobs.

Indeed, this UK-based video subtitling and transcription services company is always on the look-out for fresh, talented closed captioning specialists.

How to apply

Contact the company at to discuss your closed captioning experience and see if there are openings at the moment.


3.     Vanan Captioning Services

Vanan offers closed captioning services for Netflix content providers and commands a significant market share as well.

Try this Los Angeles-based multifaceted company out especially if you’re a native captioner who desires to earn more from your closed captioning expertise.

How to learn more

To learn more about the captioning requirements and what Vanan Captioning specifically looks for when recruiting captioners for Netflix, fill their captioning employment form here.


4.     3playmedia

Boston-based 3PlayMedia provides closed captioning for Netflix content owners and you could land the job through them too.

How to get in touch

Contact the company here to find out if they have any Netflix-related remote openings.


5.     Caption depot

Caption Depot is a one-stop shop for captioning/subtitling videos for all popular web formats including Netflix and you might get hired to caption various Netflix shows through them.

You’re required to be knowledgeable with all the stringent Netflix standards and rules for your application to be considered.

How to apply

Pitch them here.


6.     Netflix

Netflix hires remote captioners (and caption editors) independently and it’s worth checking their website for ongoing openings.

As with most of their other jobs, competition can be stiff so it’s important to put your best foot forward when applying- mention your highest qualifications (including academic), work experience, and everything else that can help you bag the job.

How to apply

Check Netflix’s careers page for the latest opportunities.

It’s important to read through the description before applying as some of the remote positions are not open to freelancers from certain locations.

Where else to Look

Also, consider pitching any official Netflix fulfillment partner for these jobs.

Here are a few:

  • ZOO Digital– ZOO has a big network of freelance captioners talent around the planet and have Netflix captioning openings from time to time. If interested, go to and send them your application.
  • Deluxe Entertainment Group– This is another big company offering these openings occasionally. Approach them via
  • Visual Data- This Netflix preferred vendor has one of the highest closed captioning standards and hires qualified captioners at times. Reach out to them via

Tip: We urge you to apply to as many Netflix partners as possible to stand a better chance. Go to this link for a complete Netflix fulfillment partner list.


How much can I make as a Captioner for Netflix?

We can confirm that Netflix pays about $5 per minute when working through intermediary sites such as (at the time of writing this).

You will probably earn more if you’re lucky to work with Netflix directly.


Final thoughts

The easiest way to get ready to work for Netflix as a captioner is to first tackle closed captioning projects from the above-mentioned intermediaries because that is where most of Netflix content producers upload their jobs.

Of course, you can approach Netflix directly through their careers page if there are ready jobs right now and you have the required experience and skills.

Good luck buddy.



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