Captioning jobs for beginners – sites that hire and requirements

Learn where to apply for captioning jobs for beginners as you hone your skills and grow into the trade…

The next most natural step after mastering transcription is captioning.

It’s a good move because the rates are a bit better than when you are doing pure transcription and the field is not as flooded as transcription- there are way too many folks competing for remote transcription jobs compared to captioners.

But you want to start with captioning jobs for beginners as you hone your skills and grow into the trade.

Below we tell you where to look for captioning jobs for beginners, the requirements, and how to apply for the various beginner-friendly captioning jobs online (and offline in some cases).

Captioning jobs for beginners – sites that hire and requirements

The companies we highlight here require basic captioning skills so it’s important to familiarize yourself with closed or offline captioning (captioning recorded videos) and how to write captions for live events (real-time captioning) with some agencies.

Here are the websites and firms that offer the easiest captioning jobs for beginners:

1. – very good for beginners

To get started with, you’ll need compelling English skills, a PC, and a reliable Internet connection.

Rev pays weekly via PayPal and has their highest captioner earning about $1500 monthly.

How to be hired for beginner work-from-home captioning jobs with

Sign up then take Rev captioning grammar quiz.

The next step is to submit your best captioning sample demonstrating your masterly of the English language and, of course, grammar.

If approved, you begin accessing projects right away- you will want to choose the undemanding files at first.

Apply now.


2.     Aberdeen Broadcast Services – good if you’ve excellent bible knowledge

Some of the requirements by Aberdeen are not that tough and it can be a good place to start your freelance captioning journey especially if you understand Bible terminology well- they caption a lot of Christian/religious videos.

From what we’ve gathered, the site pays about up to $75 hourly for real-time closed captioning projects.

How to land starter-friendly captioning jobs with Aberdeen.

Visit their careers page for current Aberdeen captioning jobs and look for captioning opportunities whose requirements you meet.

Click Apply Now, if any and follow the steps.

The company also offers non-remote captioning jobs ideal for starters from time to time so keep checking.

3.     CaptioningStar  (real-time captioning jobs for beginners)

CaptioningStar, a force to reckon with in real-time captioning, is a bit strict and insist on solid experience when hiring captioners.

But they consider fresh talent if you can prove your competence during the application process.

How to apply for Captioningstar jobs

To try your luck, visit their recruitment page and submit your information using the simple form.

Simply click Apply Now to get started.

The company will look at your information and get back to you with further details, if convinced.

4.     Caption Max

Captionmax is a renowned full-service media accessibility enterprise with its headquarters in Minneapolis and operations across North America.

As an employer, the company posts flexible captioning opportunities on occasion that may include beginner work-from-home projects and its worth applying to.

You may be required to write closed captions for real-time events or pre-recorded media here.

How to apply for Captionmax entry level captioning jobs

View current positions here and apply for matching vacancies.

Keep in mind that the company might ask you to show proof that you can access professional captioning software before being accepted.


5.     Speechpad

You have a huge opportunity to be hired for captioning jobs if you’ve been transcribing for Speechpad.

There is a test you’ve to take and you can start working as soon as you pass it.

Be sure to filter the jobs on SpeechPad’s Job Board to ‘Standard Captions’ if you’re just starting out.

The company will keep an eye on your rating and might invite you to receive their Web Captioning Reviewer qualification, which unlocks higher-paying caption review jobs.

You have more advancement opportunities with SpeechPad and you can try their Premium Caption jobs, once you’re experienced enough.

SpeechPad pays its captioners on Tuesdays and Fridays every week.

How to apply for SpeechPads beginner-level captioning jobs

Go to this page to learn more and apply.


Freelance marketplaces you can get work as a first-time captioner

Now, some companies prefer to hire captioners from freelance marketplaces such as CrowdSurf, UpWork, Fiverr, and more.

We recommend that you also check these reputable online freelancing websites:


1.     Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf is massive marketplace for transcriptionists and captioners and attracts a huge pool of employers looking for captioners.

Some don’t mind hiring beginners as long as you’ll deliver decent quality and can be a great alternative for newbies.

How to apply

Create your profile here, apply, and wait to hear from the folks at Crowdsurf here.

2.     UpWork

UpWork often lists tons of jobs that are suited for newcomers to captioning.

You need to have superb pitching skills as you’ll be pitching employers directly for jobs here.

How to apply

In order to working on Upwork as a captioner, visit the website and create your user account/profile as a freelancer.

The team at UpWork will contact you after reviewing your information.

You can again start sending bids immediately, if accepted.

3.     Fiverr

Fiverr is great for independent contractors looking to get started in captioning too.

How to apply

Here you simply create an account as a seller here and post gigs (you can post up to 7 Gigs as a starter) advertising your captioning services.

You then wait for interested buyers to hire you.


Other places to search for Captioning jobs for beginners

  • Online forums where YouTubers hang out- YouTubers generally hire captioners for their videos and you can sell them your services from FaceBook groups and Web forums where they hang out such as this.
  • Streaming services – Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and their peers recruit captioners particularly for language localization. Their standards are, however, generally higher so we suggest that you apply after gaining reasonable experience.
  • Online platforms where Course creators spend time- Like YouTubers, course creators hang in places such as Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Find them on Google and promote your captioning skills there.



Final comments

To be honest, there are jobs left, right, and center and you really can’t miss a suitable remote posting.

In fact, you can try out more companies including Vanan Captioning, SDI Media, Dotsub, Vitac,  Talking Type Captions, RNK productions, and AI Media for occasional newbie-friendly captioning jobs you can complete from home.


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