Get paid to walk around app – 10 legit apps

Don’t just walk for health… get paid for it with these legit get paid to walk around app s

Walking has some seriously amazing mental and physical gains- from reduced risk of depression to improved cardiac health and to helping you shed body fat, walking is immensely beneficial.

And now companies are willing to pay you for it!

How cool is that?

Here are some apps that pay you to walk in real money, gift cards, discounts, free products, and more.

Get paid to walk around app s – 10 best walk and earn app s

Download and install these apps and get paid for every step as you walk for a healthier life.

1.  Yodo app

Yodo is a 100% free sports and health app that pays you for your daily brisk walk.

How Yodo app works

The app accurately records your walking, hiking, running, etc. with its real-time pedometer.

Not only does the powerful step-by-step algorithm capture every step but you’ll also access your historical data daily, by month, or year.

How does Yodo pay?

Yodo offers tons of cash rewards and points to keep you walking. You’re also paid for inviting your friends.

You must have earned at least $3.00 to cash out.

Install the App.


2. Sweatcoin get money for walking app

Sweatcoin is one of the new breed of apps that pay you to exercise and one of the most unique.

You see, Sweatcoin counts your steps using its own algorithm meaning that it never tracks your location like many of its peers.

It has so far been downloaded a staggering 10,000,000+ times making it one of the most popular make money and get healthy app.

How Sweatcoin pays

Sweatcoin rewards you with free credits from your accumulated steps which you can use to pay for stuff on the myriad marketplaces integrated into the app (Hello, you can even buy an iPhone! with your earned sweatcoins)

Keep in mind that 1,000 steps= 1 sweatcoin.

Download Sweatcoin

3. Lympo app

Here there are fantastic challenges for anyone: you can start with a small walk (for lunch), take up 5K running (for beginners) or even go for a marathon!.

Like the rest, every activity is tracked and rewarded.

How Lympo pays

You earn LYM coins with the app for each daily walk.

And the good thing is that you can exchange your collected coins for special discount coupons (accepted by various Lympo partners), gym memberships, health supplements, tickets to various events, sports gear, and more!

Lympo Vs Sweatcoin

The two apps work pretty closely but for one thing: the way they track your steps. Lymo is GPS-based so it requires access to your location in order to record steps and complete challenges.

I had previously explained that Sweatcoin has an innovative tracking system and your data is completely synonymous.

Download Lympo app


4.  Runtopia get paid to walk around app

This app records all real-time walking data, including total steps, calories burned, etc.

What we love most about the app is that the prizes are not capped and you’ll continue earning every step of the way.

How does Runtopia Pay

Runtopia provides great incentives to as long as you keep going.

To be specific, you earn Sports Coins which you can exchange for great rewards including Paypal cash prizes, fitness gear, gift cards, and more!

Download Runtopia


5.  Winwalk

You can try Winwalk too.

This is simply a free pedometer app that records all your steps and pays you for your effort.

Needless to say, those who walk more earn fabulous gifts.

Win walk  rewards

You’re rewarded with free e-gift cards from big brands including Amazon, eBay, Domino’s, AMC, Google Play, Starbucks, Nike, Walmart, Target, Sephora, etc.!

Try the app.


6.  Lifecoin Get paid to walk around app

With Lifecoin, the more your steps, the better the reward (and the healthier you’ll get!).

How does Lifecoin  reward you?

Life coin pays life coins for every step it has counted as you take Fido out for the usual daily stroll.

You redeem your life coins again for gadgets, gift cards, and more.

The only thing I don’t like about the app is that the number of coins you can earn is capped at 5 per day.

Learn more.


7.  Step Set Go App (SSG)

From allowing you to redeem its exciting offers/products after your afternoon walking excursions to letting you compete with friends in fitness challenges (while earning), SSG is always rewarding.

Remember to invite your buddies using your unique walk and earn referral code to collect more coins.

How will you be paid?

This famous walking competition app pays 1.25 SSG Coins per 1000 Basic steps (taken indoors) and 1.00 SSG Coins for every 1000 outdoor steps it counts.

You redeem your coins for exclusive discounts or nice products (completely FREE!).

Let’s StepSetGo!


8.  PK rewards app

Whether you’re a first-time walker, a veteran of countless miles, or you’re part of a walking club, PK Fitness Rewards app measures the single most important thing: your effort.

How will you be rewarded?

You receive coins for every session, which you can convert to gift cards from brands you love, exchange for gear, redeem for cash, and more.

You can Gamify your workout too to spice things up.

Get started with PK rewards app


9.  Achievement app- get paid to walk Fitbit

Pair this with a fit bit and make more from your walking hobby.

You’ll love the simplicity and its up-to-date features.

How will you be rewarded?

You get points and they build over time.

After 10k points, the team behind the Achievement walking app pays 10$ so it’s another extraordinary motivating application.

Explore the app. (here for Apple devices).


10.  Jaywalk app

Jaywalk has also been attracting raving reviews from signed-up walkers and runners and I could not leave it out of our top 10 list.

How Jaywalk pays

Your reward is in Jaycoins, which you can redeem for discounts from the merchants on the platform.

You’re also allowed to redeem the coins for dollars in one of your local establishments (some accept them) or free drinks, snacks, and more.

You gain rewards throughout the day (for your steps) but they sadly expire at midnight.

Try Jaywalk app


Get paid to walk around app- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does walking apps really pay you?


The apps we have explained here pay you in gift cards, discounts when shopping in-app or from partnering merchants, and even by cash (mostly redeemable via PayPal).

Of course, there are scam apps out there as well so it’s important to do enough research before signing up.

Is achievement legit?

Achievement is one of the “keep-fit” apps with most downloads for one crucial reason: it’s very legit.

In short, expect to earn points for every achieved goal and to be eventually allowed to cash out your $10 once you cross the 10,000 points (minimum threshold to redeem points for cash).

Wrapping it up

Take advantage of the above apps to earn a little cash or freebies as you walk to get back in shape, for fun, or just to enjoy the beautiful nature trail.

One last thing: The more you walk, the more money (and other rewards) you get.


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