Companies like Lionbridge- 12 great alternatives

Here are companies like Lionbridge where you can apply for freelance, part-time, and remote positions

Lionbridge is undeniably one of the best companies to work for if working from home is your thing.

But there are dozens of other great companies offering decent search engine evaluator, software localisation,  ads evaluator , and more jobs, either remotely, part-time, or on a freelance arrangement.

Find them below:

Companies like Lionbridge- where else to get work.

Don’t worry if you’ve not been selected by Lionsbridge…you can still secure your dream work-from-home position with these companies:

1.     Leapforce (now Appen)

Appen is perhaps the most Lionbridge-like company and a great option if you’ve not been accepted for Lionbridge search engine evaluator jobs (or any other position at Lionbridge).

Appen jobs range from online surveys and data collection tasks to micro tasks in marketing, customer support, and even social media assessor jobs.

One of the criticisms leveled against Appen is that sometimes the flow of work is a bit inconsistent but overall, it’s a solid firm to work for if you’re looking to make extra cash on the side.

Keep in mind that Appen bought out Raterlabs a couple of years ago so all applications for Raterlabs jobs redirects to Appen website.

Learn more/Apply for leapforce search engine evaluator (and other jobs)


2.     iSoftStone (

iSoftStone (renamed is yet another company offering real work from home jobs operating pretty much like Lionsbridge.

They’ve plenty of assignments going on so there is a good chance you’ll earn more than many other companies especially if you work fast.

The interviewing stage is quick and quite straightforward- in most cases; it’s just a phone interview, of course, after applying online.

Learn more about isoftstone search engine evaluator jobs/isoftstone web evaluator jobs


3.     Lingotek

Lingotek is a top technology firm specializing in helping organizations communicate effectively with the global audience through their translation services.

They often hire translators to work with the growing base of clients from across the planet and they could be a fantastic option if you’re interested in remote translation jobs.

Apply now

4.     One hour translation

One hour translation offers part-time, freelance, flexible schedule, and telecommuting translation opportunities too.

Like most such companies, you’ll need to apply online for a chance to work with One Hour Translation.

Here is how to apply:

Step 1: Take an online exam

Step 2: Your test is reviewed by the company’s staff

Step 3: Get a certification (upon passing).

Those who succeed start working immediately.

Join Now

5.     Concentrix

Concentrix  bought out World-renowned customer management services company Convergys in 2018 to become one of the biggest customer engagement services provider in the globe.

Their mission is to deliver transformative client services to businesses and they need a helping hand to meet this goal.

Try them if you want to join the booming work at home(WAH) industry.

Bear in mind that this is an award-winning organization so competition for remote positions is extremely stiff.

Explore Concentrix WAH careers.


6.     Welocalize

Welocalize is also into the language industry and offers translation and localization services, linguistic testing, data validation/interpreting services, and more.

Besides, they have diversified to areas like digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) projects, customer service, etc.

To meet the demand for their range of linguistic services, Welocalize hires freelance talent from time to time.

View available positions.


7.     SDL

SDL is a reputable information management company and another brilliant option for those who are looking for translation jobs.

More than 200 language combinations are available on the platform so there are tons of work-from-home openings.

Other freelance jobs – though not as many as translation positions- include sales support, project management, web content editing, software tester, and proofreading.

Apply now


8.     TTEC

TTEC is into a plethora of fields including sales and customer support.

However, the company mainly provides work-from-home opportunities in customer service and general sales support for US and Canada residents.

The requirements are not tough though they ask for a high-school diploma (at least) during the application.

Learn more/apply.


9.     Transperfect

TransPerfect’s global head office is in New York but they run offices in over 90 cities across six continents making it one of the world’s largest destinations for freelancers looking for work.

Here you can teach languages online, work as an interpreter, or provide software translation services to legal, retail,  and finance businesses, and even private entrepreneurs.

In fact, Lionbridge and Transperfect are two great rivals and Transperfect even sued Lionbridge in 2019, alleging that it had stolen Transperfect’s trade secrets and used them to compete unfairly.

Explore available jobs


Rev also competes with Lionbridge when it comes to document translation services and hires translators too.

Other jobs you can apply for here includes work-from-home transcriber positions and freelancer video annotation job /captioning and subtitling jobs.

Rev pays weekly via PayPal for all tasks completed.

Try your luck


11.Nitro – owned by Alconost

Nitro is a big name in the online localization and translation space- they translate texts, mobile apps and games, and even eCommerce sites.

The good thing is that Nitro is extremely diversified and recruit professional translators to help serve their clientele from across the globe.

The key requirement to work with Nitro is to have native-level command of the target and source languages.

Visit Nitro’s website for more

12.Kelly Services- tons of online jobs for womens at home (and men too)

One of the oldest companies like Lionbridge, Kelly Services is also involved in a world of industries-think accounting and finance services, administrative support services, customer service agency, and more.

As such, there are dozens of job classifications you can apply for on work-from-home basis.

The company pays at the end of each work week and the pay ranges from $10.88 – $34.62 an hour.

We cannot guarantee that you’ll be accepted but it’s worth giving Kelly Services remote jobs a shot.

Join Kelly Services Now

Final thoughts

There go 12 companies like Lionbridge to help you get stay-at-home career ideas for moms and general online job ideas.

Of course, the hiring process is quite different in each case and it’s important to read the instructions on the respective websites keenly to understand what is asked of you.

We also recommend that you apply in as many companies as possible to increase your chances of getting hired.

And oh, we almost forgot about Hogarth Worldwide, one of the biggest companies like Lionbridge (and another great competitor to Lionbridge).

Good luck.



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