Sykes Work from Home Requirements: Here’s what you need

Learn about all Sykes work from home requirements to secure a position with this tried and trusted work-from-home company….

SYKES (or SYKES Enterprises) is one of the most reputable employers when it comes to work from home jobs.

In fact, SYKES was voted one of the Top 100 Remote Work Companies by FlexJobs (it emerged #8)   in 2020!

And the good thing is that they often hire customer service representatives, support agents, remote trainers, and more.

Below we explain all the Sykes work from home requirements and how to get a job at Sykes.

Sykes Work from Home Requirements: what you need to be hired

Check if you meet these basic requirements before contacting Sykes recruiting team for stay-at-home call center jobs (their most-frequently advertised position):

Sykes pre employment requirements

Technical essentials

  • A Computer– your PC (with a stand-alone monitor) should be Windows-based and have quality anti-virus software installed. Good speakers are also essentials.
  • A reliable internet connection– A high-speed internet connection is vital. Sykes recommends a wired connection (not Wi-Fi).
  • A Communication kit– Sykes demands corded landline phone, a telephone headset (for taking live calls), and a USB headset (to use during training).
  • Peaceful and quiet working environment– Needless to say, a quiet space is crucial when taking calls.

Sykes Work from Home Requirements- skills and qualities that give you an added advantage

In most work-from-home placements ads, Sykes global services state that they prefer applicants with the following attributes:

  • Past experience in providing customer service– you have a great advantage over the competition if you have been involved in customer service roles in the past.
  • You’re an excellent communicator– you will be ahead of the pack if you’re an outstanding communicator who finds connecting with people over the phone fun.

Tip: Sykes’ main clients are financial services companies, healthcare providers, and technology firms so the company gives preference to talent that understands the customer service operations of these three industries

Sykes Work from Home Requirements: Other basics

There are a couple of other essentials that will help you score extra points when going through Sykes interview process:

  • A friendly and professional character.
  • Ability to navigate on the PC.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • An empathetic, helpful personality.

How to apply

If you have met the above Sykes work from home requirements and would like to try your luck, your first step is heading over to the Sykes careers page here.

If you find a position that you feel could be a good fit, simply navigate to the bottom of the page and click Apply.

The company has really simplified the application process and all you have to do is create an account then use it to submit your application.

What we love most is that you can access 1:1 support through your account if you’re stuck or need any kind of help when applying.

Tip: The company requires applicants for certain positions to pass the Sykes assessment test before being hired. Test preparation websites such as offers practice tests and can help you prepare adequately for your test.


Sykes work from home pay

The company does not expressly disclose how much it pays its work-from-home customer service staff.

However, we learned that the hourly pay starts at $9-$11.

The rate can rise significantly once you factor in any incentives you may have accumulated from calls.

That said, other jobs may have better pay.


Sykes work from home benefits

SYKES remote customer service agents enjoy these benefits (the company treats you as an employee and not an independent contractor).

  1. Medical, life, dental, and vision insurance
  2. 401(k) plan (Company matched)
  3. Generously paid time off (Yes, you’ll be paid for working overtime!).
  4. Hands-on training.
  5. Unlimited opportunities for career advancement with SYKESHome.

Keep in mind that you’re only eligible for the benefits if you’ve worked with Sykes for 30 days (at least).

Sykes pay period calendar

With Sykes, the payroll is processed on a bi-weekly basis.

Subsequently, your pay is deposited every two weeks either directly to the bank account you specified during recruitment or via your bank card.

Sykes hiring age

Like most work-at-home companies, Sykes only considers applicants who are at least 18 years old.

There is no upper cap and they hire people of different ages provided they have met their requirements and, of course, aced the interview.

Sykes Q&A

How long does the Sykes online process take?

Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, set aside anything between 30 minutes to one hour to complete the entire process.

It’s pretty much like any other job application process- You apply, the Sykes team reviews and matches your qualifications.

If you’re qualified, you will be formally invited to take part in their group interview, during which you’ll learn a lot about SYKES work-at-home programs.

The computer testing follows then you proceed to fill the onboarding paperwork (if you’d passed).

They will finally contact you with details about your shifts and training schedule-remember you’re paid even during the training.

All you have to do now is wait for the training date (it’s still virtual).

Can I qualify for Sykes work-at-home positions from outside the United States?

Yes, you may be considered but you must provide legal documentation to prove that you’re eligible for employment opportunities in the U.S.

During the application, you’ll still an equal chance especially if you have solid call center experience (not a must but it helps).

Can I use a MacBook?

No. As I had mentioned, you can only use a Windows-based PC when completing Sykes work-at-home tasks.

Is the pay by the call or by the hour?

Sykes pay all their employees for the total hours they work without regard to whether you’re on actual calls or waiting for the next call.


Final words

It’s important to note that there are Syke positions requiring extra equipment and technology (and they indicate as such in the description).

However, with the above, you’ll be good to go for most of their home-based customer service openings.

One more thing: Sykes doesn’t charge any upfront application fees and you could be applying to a fake Sykes job if you’re asked to pay an application fee (Read their recruitment advisory here to learn what to catch scammers).


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