Complete assignments and earn money [20 websites to find jobs] brings you 20 websites where you can complete assignments and earn money…

Today’s student is a bit different- he won’t mind paying someone to complete his assessments. And he pays well for the service.

Here is how it works: an overwhelmed student searches online for a website/company that accepts online assignments for students such as homework market and places an order.

The company then invoices him the due amount depending on their rates for paid writing assignments.

Once the student pays, the company assigns someone like you – you have to be registered on their website as a tutor- the homework job and you’re expected to complete and submit it before a set deadline.

Your reward? A significant paycheck!

Well, the actual amount depends on your knowledge and how fast you can do assignments but you’re likely to pocket a reasonable monthly wage.

Just to give you an idea, the worst-paying assignments for money jobs website start newbies at about $4 per page (250-275 words).

Imagine how much you would earn if you did 10 pages/day for 25 days? I leave you to work out the math but it’s clearly not a horrible figure considering you’re working for a few hours.

Of course, there’s a lot of debate about whether tackling online assignment for students is legal but that’s not up to us.

Our brief here is to point you to the websites where you can complete assignments and earn money in your spare time.

Keep reading if you’re looking for websites where you answer homework questions for money as an assignments tutor.

Complete assignments and earn money – where to earn money by solving assignments

Here is where to find assignment helping jobs and earn money online from the comfort of your couch.

1.     Studypool online assignment solving jobs

The highest earners earn up to $7500/month working remotely completing assignments and tutoring students.

Sign up as studypool tutor is easy and they’re always hiring.

Check them out here.


2.     OneClass Homework Help site

Another great site you can write assignments and earn money is OneClass.

A bonus way you can earn money here is by uploading typed/neatly written notes.

They have plenty of online assignment jobs in maths and you can join them (as an assignment tutor) here.


3. (write papers for money jobs) is a full-fledged online tutoring site – they have one of the largest students base so it’s hard to lack students assignments to work on.

From Algebra, statistics and Calculus to English, online chemistry assignment jobs and Physics all the way to languages and economics, is teeming with get paid to do homework jobs.

Try your luck with here.


4.     PaperCoach online assignments to earn money jobs

The company pays fairly well and accepts even non-US residents.

Nevertheless, they have a stricter recruitment policy – they mostly hire via closed Linkedin groups.

I cannot promise that you’ll be hired but you can apply here.


5.     CourseHero

With a community of more than 10 million students, CourseHero is big.

And while you’re not required to answer a set number of questions, it’s advisable to try and help as many students as possible because it may give you a higher rating (and more jobs).

Apply here.


6.     SchoolSolver

School Solver is always looking for freelancers who are passionate about helping students complete their assignments and homework and is also worth checking.

Visit this link and register as a freelancer (homework helper).


7.     Help with Assignment (HWA)

Another company offering freelancers an opportunity to complete assignments and earn money remotely is HelpWithAssignment.

There’s a huge pool of subjects to pick from here-  Accounting, STEM units, Corporate Management, Operations research, Information Technology, Law, Nursing, Religion, etc.

Apply as HWA subject matter expert here and start earning.


8.     Hashlearn

This is one of the best sites for college students looking for an opportunity to earn extra bucks or fresh graduates.

HashLearn is unique in that you use your Android phone to accept assignment aid request and complete tasks or offer guidance on the go.

You’re paid every weekend.

Apply here.


9.     Wyzant

Wyzant is a fast-growing site and links freelancers with students needing assistance in myriad subjects.

You’ll need to create an account (here) before you can contact potential students.


10.  MyHomeWorkHelp

You can earn money by answering quiz too at

They don’t offer the best rates but it’s an excellent company especially if you’re just starting out (they’re very friendly).

Get more information here.


11.  Acemyhomework

At AcemyHomeWork, you will complete assignments and earn money from other tasks including offering guidance to students writing research papers, thesis, dissertations, project proposals, and more.

Register here.


12.  Chegg earn money answering questions runs a point-based system and you earn points every time students like your answers.

You redeem these points in various ways including converting them into Dollars and transferring the amount to your Paypal.

Like, you can earn more tutoring in-demand subjects online.

Sign up here.


13.  Allhomework net is currently hiring candidates with outstanding programming skills to handle 1st /2nd year programming assignments for students.

Four years (or more) university/college education is required.

In addition, you’re required to have some basic experience tackling similar assignments online.

Fill out the application form here.


14.  Eduboard assignment jobs

Here you are allowed to set your desired rate based on your skills and knowledge.

Keep in mind that the company takes a 20% cut of the collected amount.

Visit them here.


15.  Just Answer

From dog vets to divorce lawyers to techs and mechanics, JustAnswer will help you make money from your professional expertise answering questions no matter your background.

You set your working hours and select the questions you’d like to answer.

To apply, you’re required to have a social-security-number, valid identification documents, and relevant licenses/certifications.

Apply here


16.  Pay Me to Do Your Homework!

PayMeToDoYourHomework is a leading US-based provider of assignments and Do My Homework services.

They occasionally hire new talent.

Learn more here.


17.  MaxHomework

The site is pretty much similar to PayMeToDoYourHomework though it’s headquartered in London.

They have occasional openings as well.

Visit them here.


18.  My Homework Done

As an assignment writer at MyHomeworkDone, you can specialize in one or more of math and statistics, history, economics, sociology, law, physics, chemistry, earth science, biology, and language arts.

Contact the company here.


19.  24 Hour Answers

Here you assist with homework assignments, laboratory write-ups, practice questions, and more.

Go here to apply.


20.  Upwork

Upwork is our last recommended site for folks looking for an opportunity to complete home work and earn money during weekends or after work.

You must create an account to view and apply for posted assignment solving jobs.

Complete assignments and earn money – frequently asked questions

Is doing homework for money illegal?

Well, we are yet to come across a law outlawing do homework for money jobs.

However, most educational institutions have a code of conduct that discourages this practice among students and he/she can even be discontinued if caught.

But truth be told, students with too much in their plates have been hiring academic tutors to complete assignments for them for money for as long as we can remember.

Wrapping it up

The companies have different recruitment procedures with those that pay best being more stringent.

As such, you can start off with the more relaxed employers and then apply to the big boys after getting enough experience.

Either way, we encourage you to apply to as many potential websites as possible to boost your chances of being hired.



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