Apps like Zynn – 10 apps that pay brings you 10 apps like Zynn to help you make most out of your free time…

If you like making money from your phone, you might have earned from Zynn by creating short-form videos or watching uploaded content.

Or perhaps you’re excited to have earned just for signing up.

If so, we have some fantastic news: there are more apps like Zynn that you can make bucks from and add to your earnings from Zynn.

Explore them below and sign up.

Apps like Zynn to make money

Here are money making apps like Zynn that pay you for signing up, referrals, watching funny videos, and more:

1.     Clip claps

Clip claps works pretty much like Zynn.

Plus, the infinite stream of the insanely comical short videos will tickle your funny bone like no other money app.

How to earn from Clip claps

Clip claps rewards you for complete tasks such as watching (and liking) funny videos, uploading videos (but it has to be popular), and playing games.

How you’re paid

You earn Clapcoins every time you complete a task and you can convert the coins to US dollars once you hit the $10 earnings threshold (though you can withdraw $0.10 cents if you so wish at the beginning).

Your money is sent to PayPal.

There are other rewards including CoinCats and ClapPoints and you can even try your luck with the Mega Spin or raffles.

Keep in mind that the app accepts members from anywhere on the planet.

Get more information.


2.     Swagbucks app

A lot of Freelancers associate Swagbucks with surveys- and they’re one of the most dependable companies for people looking to make money from online surveys.

In fact, you can still earn from completing surveys via the Swagbucks app.

However, there are dozens of other things Swagbucks will reward you for.

Here is a quick rundown of others ways to earn from the app (to add to the $10 bonus you earn on signing up):

  • Sign up on other sites for more bonuses (Go to com, Try Acorns app,, and InboxDollars) and get first time bonuses.
  • Invest via Stash mobile app and get paid by Swagbucks.
  • Try out apps and get rewarded by Swagbucks.
  • Search the web for pay.
  • Answer trivia questions for rewards.
  • Refer your friends and earn an extra bonus when they sign up.

How Swagbucks pays

You get gift cards that you can use to pay for stuff at merchants like Target, Starbucks, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Like most other apps like Zynn, you also earn points called SB (SwagBucks) when you tackle surveys, shop online, discover new products/services, etc.

The good thing is that you can convert your points into more e-gift cards or cash (payable via PayPal).

Get the app.


3.     Inboxdollars mobile app

Here you are mainly paid to:

  • Take online surveys.
  • Answer quizzes.
  • Watch videos.
  • Read emails
  • Promote offers
  • Play games
  • Shop online

This is a really great app – they have so far paid $57 Million (and counting) in cash rewards!

How InboxDollars Pay
You get points for every activity (Though the exact number of points varies from one task to the next).

Remember you can cash out your rewards in the form of a check/gift cards once they are worth 30 dollars.

Get the app.


4.     MyPoints App

Also rated as one of the top apps like Zynn is MyPoints Mobile App by Prodege.

You again earn rewards (points) by watching videos, taking surveys, and much more.

You’re free to redeem your points via PayPal (cash) or at your favorite store (as $5-$25 gift cards).

Download MyPoints Mobile App here.


5.     InboxPounds app

Earn money and get daily payments for completing online activities such as brief paid surveys and emails with InboxPounds instead of relying on Zynn only.

If you’re looking to make more, consider doing searches, playing games, answering quizzes, and so on.

The based app is free and super easy to join.

Besides, there’s an option to subscribe for premium membership (after making your first withdrawal) which unlocks more rewards.

How does InboxPounds App Pay?

You are rewarded in gift cards or check and the minimum you’re allowed to withdraw is 20 pounds.

The only thing we dislike about the app is that it’s restricted to UK residents.

Download the app here.


6.     iRazoo app

Another alternative to Zynn worth considering is iRazoo.

You’re still paid to watch entertaining videos on the site or answer a few questions (the company is hired by others to conduct market research on their behalf) in your downtime.

There are loads of other very easy things including playing thrilling games.

Joining is straightforward and sign-up is free.

How iRazoo pays you

You accumulate points every time you watch videos so the more videos you watch, the more points you earn.

The best part?

You choose how you want to be paid- you can go for e-Gift cards or turn the points into PayPal dollars.

Visit iRazoo website here or download the app here.

7.     SuccessBux

SuccessBux pays users to watch video ads (and other forms of adverts) or perform simple tasks/surveys.

You’re paid for participating in contests and referrals too.

It’s a huge app with over 300000 active members.

How SuccessBux pays you

SuccessBux is very much like its peers- you are paid in points and gift cards.

You can make a request for your money as soon as you have earned $1 (paid through PayPal).

Learn more here.


 8.   CashPirate app

You can as well mint easy bucks from the CashPirate app in those spare hours.

How it works

Here you’re again paid to watch videos, try free apps, or complete surveys and you earn coins for completed tasks.

In addition, you earn coins when you refer your friends (and even when your referred friends refer their friends!).

How CashPirate pays you

You redeem cash (to PayPal) or gift cards.

Note that you must have at least 2500 coins ($2.5) to cash out through PayPal.

Download the app here.


9.     TV-TWO app

TV-TWO is waiting to pay you – this time in cryptocurrency- to watch its super-interesting videos!

What we love most about TV-TWO is its brilliant design that lets you quickly search for videos by your favorite creators.

Those who are looking for bigger rewards should try out the referral program- simply invite friends and family by sending them your referral link or sharing it on your social media for extra earnings.

How it works

Just watch as many videos as you can and wait for your reward.

It’s as simple as that!

How TV-TWO pays

As hinted above, you’ll be paid in crypto- the app actually pays in the form of an Ethereum token (called TTV) which you can trade for Bitcoin(BTC) or Ether (ETH).

Try TV-TWO here.


10.  Viggle App

As with other apps like Zynn, Viggle pays you for all the fun!

The app is a little advanced and includes tons of mouthwatering shows and live movies on TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more.

How Viggle Pays

You earn Perk Points every time you check into a show or movie.

You then redeem your earned Perk Points for assorted real life prizes or gift cards.

The company gives you more choice and you can even exchange the points for cash.

Get more information here.

Final thoughts

The best way to approach the apps is to treat them as a side hustle and create a morning ritual or some other specific time you’ll be completing the tasks.

Also consider signing up for several of these Apps like Zynn to maximize your earnings in your free time.

You could earn even $100 in one month with this move- InboxDollars may pay you $30, Clapcoins $10, Swagbucks $10, SuccessBux $5,  FusionCash $10, and so on.

Well, I know it may look impossible but it’s not if you complete tasks quickly in as many apps as possible.


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