7 Reasons Why Online Freelancers Need A Blog

In a recent seminar for upcoming online workers, a newbie asked me if having a website can help increase their chances of making money online. In this blog, I will discuss the major 7 Reasons Why Online Freelancers Need A Blog.

Sample this: You pitch a client via email and he quickly responds confirming that he indeed needs your service. You explain your rates and again, the client says your rates are within his budget and he has just one more question: “Would you please direct me to your site I check some of your sample work?”

7 Reasons Why Online Freelancers Need A Blog

Well, you ramble on in your email that you are in the process of setting up a site and that he should just be ok since you are the best…blah, blah, blah…

You realize later you lost the client when he stops replying to your emails.

This shit does happen; buddies and clients will easily dismiss you if you lack a website.

Here is how a website will help your freelancing efforts;

  1. A website is your number one marketer

If you want to showcase your awesome creativity skills and demonstrate success to your clients, you will not find a better platform than your website.

Clients will gain more confidence with you once they assess your abilities as put on your site.

  1. Recruit clients 24/7

If you have included a creative pitch and properly optimized your site, you get hired by clients from the site.

At least, you won’t have to rely on freelancing sites to make money.

  1. You don’t have to throw away rejected work

Sometimes, clients issue ambiguous instructions and later reject your job. This happens for those who work from some of the freelancing sites. Instead of letting such work lie in your hard drive wasting space, just polish it up and upload it on the site as a sample. It might help you attract clients.

  1. Makes you an authority

Clients will think you are an expert. Of course, this depends on the quality of the content on your site.

If you share insightful content, you will definitely become the go-to-guy for items in your line. 

  1. You will compete better

Most of those you are competing with already have websites. You don’t want to appear backward by not having a website, while everyone else has it.

Have it and announce it to everyone who cares to listen. You should be just fine. 

  1. A website can be extra revenue earner

You can use your website to market other company’s product to your audience, earning a commission for each sale under an arrangement called affiliate marketing.

You can also sell digital products from your sites such as e-books, podcasts or e-courses.

  1. A website will help you leverage on social media

Social media is a gold mine. You can generate a significant income from your friends and followers on social media.

Instead of just promoting a product directly on social media, you can make your website a landing page thus increasing conversion rates for your social media pages.


Having a website is paramount to your success as an online worker. Not only does it become your showroom, it also helps build your credibility and reputation online.

Some have also found success by becoming affiliates of reputable companies raising handsome commissions from their websites along the way.

If you have understood my 7 Reasons Why Online Freelancers Need A Blog, you will agree with me that creating a website should be one of the very basic actions you take when starting of as an online worker.

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  1. Hi. What a nice read. I have been looking for information on how to go about establishing a freelancing career and at least with this, i know i must start with a blog.


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