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We always encourage guest writers to contribute original articles to our website provided they are related to the topics we cover in our website which include:

  • How to make money freelancing online
  • Digital marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, PPC, YouTube etc.
  • Social media for business
  • SEO related topics
  • Emerging opportunities on the internet
  • All Make money online (MMO) sub-niches

By writing for us, you get an opportunity to reach out to our passionate MMO audience base, showcase your skills and educate our information-hungry community.

Why Contribute to FreelancingBuddy?

Your article will receive unparalleled exposure, and directly address new audience that is genuinely interested in online business.

You will also get full credit for your article.

Posts may also include a backlink to your website which can help in your SEO. In addition, you will reach our growing followers on social media and other platforms.

Before writing for us, please read the following guidelines carefully and mail us your article for consideration.


  • Your article should be well-written, relevant to the topics we cover, and detailed
  • It must be something original.
  • Must not have an affiliate or any selling links.
  • Read some of our articles to learn our writing style. You can link to the most relevant of our articles just to demonstrate you’ve gone through our blog

FreelancingBuddy reserves full approval plus editorial rights.

How to Submit

Email your pitch to: buddyfreelancing@gmail.com

In your pitch, include the following:

  • A short personal bio with your photo.
  • A catchy title for your proposed post.
  • And lastly the guest post.


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